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Great Dane Lady Horacia

Horacia's life after amputation

Great Dane Lady Horacia

Rainbow Bridge

September 10th, 2009 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

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This morning, at the end of our short morning round (water, pee, looking at the birds, hopping a few feet) my beautiful Hori just looked at me, hopped two or three steps and then suddenly ran over the bridge before I could realize what was happening. Oddly, even in her last moments she managed to make me smile. Yes, it was so quick, that I was relieved to see her go without pain or suffering.

I like to think she gave me this last present knowingly, that she waited for me to be with her this morning, to go these last steps with her. She no doubt knew… They are so much wiser in some areas, aren’t they?
She looked at me, the sun shining on her beautiful fur and I guess her heart just stopped beating and then she was gone leaving me there with her head in my arms.

Her body rests now in her most loved spot, and her spirit runs free with all that have gone before her and with her special friend Pulgui, who went two years ago.

Run free sweet Hori, have lots of fun and find youself somebody who spoils you up there! We’ll see you again some day, but meanwhile we won’t forget you!

Hori & Pulgui, 2 1/2 years ago

Hori & Pulgui, 2 1/2 years ago

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10 Comments so far ↓

  • Ruth German

    Oh, I am so sorry. It is a shock. I thought she was getting better, and then gone so fast. I know it’s so hard whether you expect it or not. I”m glad it was fast and she was enjoying life til the last second. Love and prayers, Ruth

  • boinks

    Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. Wish I could hug you.

  • ldillon81

    Oh I am SO sorry! But that is a beautiful story, and a lovely tribute that she made you smile before she ran over that bridge. She was a beautiful doggie, and I loved hearing her stories and I’m glad I got the chance to “meet” such a great globe-trotting dog! Not only will you never forget her, but I won’t either. Thank you for sharing her with us 🙂

    <3 <3 Laura and Jackers

  • gineej

    I am writing through my tears…my heart aches for you and yours. I have been in love with your avatar picture from the first time I saw it….what a beautiful face….what a beautiful spirit!!! I am glad you were with her at the end. Thank you for sharing your story. I send you love and care.
    Gineej & Paris

  • admin

    A bittersweet present indeed. I am very sorry for your loss, but often wonder if losing a pet this way is better than trying to manage their pain when coping with their deteriorating health.

    Please don’t take this wrong. I know there is no true better way and nothing will ease the pain. Bless you for all you did for beautiful Hori. May she rest in Peace.

    Thank you for sharing Horacia’s story here. It is certain to help others prepare for such unexpected outcomes.

  • romeo2

    Oh we are so sorry. It is a beautiful story—it sounds like Hori’s final moments in this world were peaceful and happy. She went on her own terms. I’m so glad you were with her.

    We’ve only been involved with Tripawds for a month, but we’re so attached to all the dogs, their families, and their stories.

    Hori is so gorgeous. What a gentle soul. You can tell. And your photographs of her—she is so majestic against that beautiful landscape. We are millions of miles away in New England and we can feel how much you loved her.

    Run free beautiful Hori! Love to you and your family,
    Eve, Romeo, and family

  • jerry

    Wow, we are stunned. Our hearts go out to you, we can’t imagine the pain of such a sudden, tragic loss. Many, many hugs. going out across the miles.

    Hori’s beautiful face and her courageousness will always be remembered here. We can’t thank you enough for sharing her story with us, and the world, for many years to come.

    Wishing you peace and comfort….

  • ThreeLeggedMax

    I’m so sorry that Hori has gone so soon. Max and I have been reading your posts and were pulling for her, but noow she can run free without the pain.

  • cairasue

    Beyond heartbroken.

  • jakesmom

    I’m so sorry to hear about Hori. What a beautiful and sweet dog. As others have said here… she finally left on her own terms… and she was so loved until the end!

    I don’t know how long my Jake has (he’s only 2 days post-op) but we are loving and spoiling him as much as we can. It’s so difficult to let go, but all of us are here for the same reason, because we wanted to give our babies another chance at life…

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family… You will never forget your beautiful Hori, and neither will I!

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