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Great Dane Lady Horacia

Horacia's life after amputation

Great Dane Lady Horacia

Getting the hang of it…

September 7th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Now that I’m feeling better, I thought I might give a short update…

I’m not as mobile as I was a week ago, but my friend Tazzie2 warned me that there are always downs following ups, so here I am starting almost from scrap, but slowly making progress and my spirits are back! yeah!

Mum is fianlly getting the hang of how to treat a handicapped dog (me!). I go nowhere without her. I donĀ“t really need her touching me to go somewhere, but if she’s not there, I’m not moving.
And also this hole issue of getting me up is improving… just follow the steps: put on harness, pull lazy dog into sitting position, while holding there, put knee under dog where leg is missing and simultaneously pull dog forwards. MAGIC!!! I’m standing and everybody claps…

Well, I might have to add, that I LOOOOVE attention, and even when I had all my legs I needed help getting into and out of the car and even going steps up and down (I was kinda terrified of starting to roll, so I waited for assistance).

So being tripawed is somehow cool, now that my pain meds got adjusted. I get lots, and I mean lots of attention, and can “rest” on my bed undisturbed as long as I want.

I’m still more than shaky on my legs, but I guess that will solve itself in time.

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  • Tazzie

    Your friend Tazzie2 sounds like a bit of a downer. Did he (or is that a she?) really say to expect downs after ups!?!?

    Hori – it sounds as though you have a very understanding Mum.

  • ldillon81

    Isn’t the attention great?!? Whenever Jack sees someone when we’re out on a walk, he’ll stand there and stare at them as if to say, “aren’t I cute? don’t you want to come play with me?!?”. I think he gets a little offended when they just walk on by. We’re moving in a week, so he’ll have a whole new state of people to win over!!!

  • jackcrowder

    rest on your bed, undisturbed, for as long as you want, and gets lots of attention. I’ll take some of that!
    You’ll know when it’s time to go cruising around. don’t rush it, good things come to those who wait.

  • ThreeLeggedMax

    Oh, you will continue to love the attention! Mom says she’s sure I was cute before I became a tripod, but it sure does get a lot of people to come over and talk to her (and pet me!) when we’re out for walks. You’ll always steal the show!

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