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Great Dane Lady Horacia

Horacia's life after amputation

Great Dane Lady Horacia

Message from Hori???

October 20th, 2009 · 12 Comments · Uncategorized

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Mi big girl is gone and I still feel her and hear her… but most of all, I miss her.

Yesterday I went to get some food for Castaño at the vet’s and this little thing came dashing from under a shelf to say hello:


I thought he had gotten himself a pet and congratulated him on how cute the girlie was.

Well… short story: He had found her in a cardboard box at a corner two days earlier and took her in. He was trying to find her a home.
We left toghether and an hour later she got her name, Olympia, and a new home, where she hopefully will be very happy.
One thing is for sure: Castaño and Julia are absolutely delighted… and my husband and I laughed more in the last 24 hs than in the whole of the last one and a half months.
Hori would have loved her! She loved little and/or big pestering doggies and would play for hours and hours… she was the most patient soul.

I like to think that Horacia guided this girlie to us… or maybe us to this sweet pup. But in any case I’m sure she would have approved.

Julia & Olympia

Julia & Olympia

Olympia & Castaño

Olympia & Castaño

Olympia’s first day with us was heartwrenching, because I couldn’t stop wishing Hori was there to play and see our new family member… but it was also healing in a way only new needy life can be healing: Olympia’s eyes kept saying “thank you”.

Julia’s laughter and Castaño’s playful barking are a balm on my wounded heart and will help to fill, at least partially, the emptiness Hori left.

Castaño & Olympia on their first evening toghether

Castaño & Olympia on their first evening toghether

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12 Comments so far ↓

  • jackcrowder

    What a wonderful story! Congratulations!
    I think someone made sure you and Olympia met at just the right time and just the right place! Getting a new dog is a wonderful way to help heal the crater in your heart.
    Olympia knew you needed to laugh and that, for the time being, is her job. The picture with Julia is so very precious, that should be a 5 X 7 somewhere in the house.
    I would say that Castano has found a new buddy and Olympia has found her new furever home!

  • gineej

    I love your new baby girl!! Thank you for your story and the photos, she is adorable. I also believe she is heaven sent by Hori.

    I especially love the last photo, isn’t it amazing……it is like she knows she is where she belongs!!

    Blessings to you and your family as laughter fills your home!

  • ThreeLeggedMax

    Oh, that last picture is too sweet!

  • admin

    Looks like Castaño will make a great puppysitter, and role model. A sign from Hori for you to enjoy what life has to offer, indeed. Congratulations.

  • jerry

    Awwww, how sweeeeet! We have tears in our eyes, tears of happiness for you all!!! What a beauty!!!!! Congratulations, she is definitely a gift from Hori.

  • Tazzie


  • ldillon81

    Olympia is ADORABLE!!!! She is lucky to have found such good parents, and you are lucky to have found such a cutie! Keep us updated on your new addition 🙂

  • jakesmom

    I’m so happy that you were able to save this adorable little girl! I’m sure that Hori had something to do with it…

    Olympia is a very lucky dog, and will have a very happy life with wonderful pawrents and Castano will have a new buddy to look after and play with. I love the beautiful pictures of them!

    Keep us updated on the new family member!

    Jake’s Mom

  • Ruth German

    She is precious! I know how you feel about getting a new dog. Less than 3 hours after we had to put one of our babies to rest almost a year ago, my husband found a puppy near the highway. I knew God would provide for us a distraction, I just didn’t know it would be so soon! I felt this pup to be an intruder into my grief that first day, but he quickly grew on me!
    Olympia is a little cutie!

  • Guido

    Las fotos resumen todo ! La alegria y la paz que hay en esa familia.
    Te quiero amiga !
    Besos a todos.

  • romeo2

    Congratulations! And welcome Olympia! We’re sure Hori would approve (and may have arranged all this!). The pictures are all so
    sweet—especially Castano and his baby sister taking a nap.

    Eve and Romeo

  • jakesmom

    Hi there,

    I haven’t seen a post from you recently and was thinking about you. How are you doing these days? How are Olympia and Castano doing? Post some pictures soon so we can see what Olympia is looking like…

    Take care,

    Angel Jake’s Mom

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