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Great Dane Lady Horacia

Horacia's life after amputation

Great Dane Lady Horacia

2 years. Life does go on…

September 10th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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… but we miss you still.
We think of you every day, you are woven into our daily routine like everything else. We think of you, when the clouds light up in the morning and someone in the family says: “Look, Hori is up already and needed more light!”, and during the day every time some strange noise startles us und we start laughing thinking what you would have done: two or three loud barks and jumping into my lap!

Yes, your courage is turning into a legend!!!

Of course, knowing that today is two years since your heart couldn´t keep up with all the strain, this morning I woke up thinking of those last days we had together and our last shared walk.
Maybe I am a selfish person, but each time somebody tells me they´ve lost a pet, I can´t keep my tears from falling thinking of you. But it enables me to feel their pain and maybe help them with kind words and the kowledge that nothing does really help, other than life going on.
Your babybrother Emilio will turn a year in October, and happily will always know how it feels to have fur between his fingers. We have adopted a sweet cat a couple of months ago and Castaño and Oly have welcomed her into the family. Julia still talks about you and sometimes when my eyes become teary asks me if I´m sad because you died… kind of complex explaining death to a three-year-old… but there you go, nothing like experiencing something, to teach us how life works.

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know, that it was wonderful having you with us, no matter how long it lasted. In retrospect I would always choose the pain of losing you over having never met you at all.

Lots of love dear pup,


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  • Tazzie

    Hello Cecilia – Hori’s family

    We remember you of course. That doesn’t need to be said. I happened to check the website today (after a couple of months or so) only to see the picture of our peer and Tazzie’s lover, Hori. Has it been two years – I suppose so (tear).

    Tazzie has a new furry friend in the family, named Paddles. Everyone compares Paddy to Tazzie, usually not favorably. Nothing is wrong with Paddy, but he just isn’t Tazzie. But really Paddy IS a very sweet dog – you couldn’t ask for a sweeter friendlier dog. But to anyone who knew Tazzie, he just ain’t good ’nuff. I bet Castano knows what I mean.

    We will always have an enormous place in our hears for Hori and Tazzie, but there is also room for Castano and Paddles.

    Big hugs to your entire family,

    Susan, Paddles and Pup (the cat) in memory of Hori & Tazzie

  • tatespeeps

    What a beautiful tribute. Thank you.

  • jack crowder

    It’s hard to know what to say at times like this, except to share that having loved and lost and loved again, I can share that each dog is exceptional in its on right and will grow into the perfect dog for the phase of life you are in at the time. Small words for a heavy heart, I know. Kindest Thoughts, Cindi

  • Indiana's mom

    My dear Cecilia,
    I never met Horacia, but I am honored to read about your love for him. What a beautiful way you have with words. I feel the exact same way about my love for Indiana. I have only gone 3 months without him – I can’t imagine saying it’s been 2 years… But as you said, life goes on and so we have to…I, too would do it all over again. I was lucky & blessed to have had Indy for 17 months after being diagnosed and becoming a tripawd. The bond we had before was wonderful, but through the 17 months, I held on so tight & our bond grew deeper than love itself… I know you feel the same as your beautiful words described my love and many others’ love for their tripawds…Horacia was a legend and loved by so many…especially by you! Thanks for sharing your love…
    With love & hugs from Indiana’s mom ~Carol~~

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