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Great Dane Lady Horacia

Horacia's life after amputation

Great Dane Lady Horacia

Almost two weeks since ampu

August 25th, 2009 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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Today was my first real outing with my best friend and half brother Castaño, a beautiful german shepherd. We were born on different continents at about the same time in the mid of 2004… and then our pawrents met and decided to live toghether in Argentina rather than Germany and in July 2005 we flew over and a whole new world and my future best friend were there waiting for me.

At first I had to get used to the new landsapes and especially the weather (which is way better than in Europe!) but then life just kept getting better and better.

Then, a month ago, I started limping and my front left leg hurt. It was very quick and I had an osteosarcoma diagnosis… Thank God, my pawrents found and on the 12th of August I underwent aputation. The other alternative was really scary!

And now… almost two weeks after surgery I can go out and play again with my brother and even try to get as far as he does!! Well, I had some problems when I suddenly saw how far I had gotten from home. But then there’s always somebody there to “save” me.

So good luck to other future tripawds… life is really worth living under Jerrys Leitmotiv: better to hop on three than limp on four!!!!

Hori’s Cancer Story

A month ago we had a lump on Hori’s left wrist checked, x-rays showed it was CANCER. Unbelievable, but we had to accept it. And we had to find options. Well, there wasn’t much.

We decided to go through with amputation, her only meager chance of releasing her of pain and of having some quality life before the cancer would take her away.

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5 Comments so far ↓

  • raymond

    Hi Hori,
    So good to see you doing so very very well!!! I just came home today and I look forward to feeling like you do. After seeing you and reading about you, I know that I will be doing so much better as a tripawd than being in pain and limping on four. I wish the best to you,Castaño and your pawrents,
    Thank you for your positive updates

  • admin

    Hori is a prefect example of how to love life on three legs! Thanks for sharing his story here, we look forward to following his three-legged adventures.

  • ldillon81

    YAY!!!! She is SUCH a cutie, and I’m glad to hear she’s doing so well. What a great story about this globe-trotting doggie!

  • jerry

    Hori, you have a wonderful family, how awesome to know that you are so loved. Keep on hoppin’ girlfriend, we really admire your determination and strength!

  • horacia

    Hi Raymond,
    haven’t heard of you lately, how are you doing? Don’t forget to keep us in the loop!
    Saludos from the south

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